Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home sweet home...

During the week I was experimenting with styling around my apartment, positioning them on the mantle piece and in the living room. I assisted on an interior's magazine shoot and was able to take home some beautiful flowers (lucky girl) so you will see I have used them in a lot of my photos. I have a perfectly functional bookcase, however I thought all our books would look groovy stacked in the middle of the fire place. Not only has this given us more storage space in our bookcase but it also looks creative and fills in a empty space that would never really be utilised.

While in Ubud, Bali I found some bright ikat cotton fabrics and had them made up into cushion covers, see the mustard yellow pillow on the white replica eames chair. I also love the silver aluminium boxes and the white beaded bamboo boxes I got from Bali too.

Enjoy the week ahead! x

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